Got Asphalt LLC                   Commercial/ Residential/ Industrial 
"Your Asphalt Maintenance Company"                              "Fully Insured"                                    

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Seal Coating: We use only Neyra products, such as Tarconite, Gem Seal, Jenonite, and enviromental sealer Force. Which in our opinion is the best on the market. We have the proper equipment for the job. We either seal coat by hand or spray depending on the customer preference, and condition of asphalt.


Crack Filling: We use Deery Super Stretch DOT commercial grade hot rubber to seal the cracks. Crack sealing protects the cracks from the freeze & thaw effects and helps prevent further cracking and damage to your asphalt.


Striping: We use State of the Art line striping machines. Depending on our clients needs we use water and or oil based paints. We have the knowledge and ability to stripe new layouts or re-stripes.


Asphalt Patch: We use hot DOT approved grade asphalt. We offer pothole repairs, saw cut repairs, and milling repair patching.


Asphalt Paving: Quality  asphalt paving done with top of the line equipment. We provide asphalt paving for parking lots, driveways, private streets, tennis/ basketball courts, sidewalks/ walking paths.